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My Garden Pal is an easy to navigate garden software for the novice gardener and the expert alike. With our simple

  • garden software,
  • personal diary,
  • online gardening collection and,
  • lots of great ideas to provide inspiration

You can benefit from the experience of gardeners from all over the world! Just download our free software today or build your own online collection.

You can benefit from our online gardening index and garden software today!

  1. Have you searched for plant information and found lots of it but have nowhere you can store it where it is easily recalled, indexed and put to use in your garden?
  2. Is the information from the other side opposite to your seasons and contain the wrong measurements?
  3. Do you wish you could share with your local nursery or friends know-how on a plants at a click of a button?

There are so many sites that have lots of online gardening index to view and learn from. Wikipedia is a great example. My Garden Pal garden software was created to be able to use all this information in a way that gardeners can have instant access and local editing to adjust the many individual ways to look after a plant. Draw from the experts and make your own gardening index and knowledge. If you answered yes to any of the above questions My Garden Pal garden software overcomes all of these challenges.

Plant EncyclopediaMy Garden Pal Personal Encyclopedia

  • Plant and gardening index that is made specific to your region and climate so the information you get is always relevant to you
  • Garden software that lets you choose the information you want on the plants you want
  • Have instant access to relevant information from books, magazines, clubs and the internet
  • Share as much of your personal plant encyclopedia as you like by uploading parts or all of it onto our online gardening index
  • Your program will give you personal reminders for your garden so you never forget to water, fertilize or prune your plants 
  • Always stay on track with your plants and track their growth
  • My Garden Pal software is built for Windows XP and Vista, and includes free automatic software updates
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Plant EncyclopediaMy Garden Pal Online Community

  • My Garden Pal provides an extensive online community with forums and plant index that you can use to support your garden
  • Discuss your gardening interests and share tips and advice with other members in the My Garden Pal portal community
  • Get that unknown plant, bug or disease identified
  • Search for garden tips particular for your location
  • Search for events and expos from around the world

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