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   Jan 28

View a list of Plants

You can now click the link on the left of this page under bookmarks to view all the plants we have purposefully introduced to our farm. All of their planned purposes are described when you click in the details of each plant. I am currently working on My Garden Pal to be able to search for […]

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   Jan 19

Time to put down roots

With the earth surgery finished the real work has just begun.   over the Christmas/New Year period it was quite wet here in South East Queensland, and our property received its fair share of rainfall.  As such it was important to get leguminous cover crops planted on the new swales as soon as possible to prevent […]

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   Jan 03

Dam 2.0

The site for the second dam on the property is on the hill just above the horse arena area.  On the ridge above the horse arena is an access road that traverses across the property from the main driveway and connects with the new lower dam wall to make a continuous driveway from the new […]

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   Jan 03


One of the goals for our water catchment was to create two new dams on the property.  The first of these is in an area at the bottom of the property where there was a considerable erosion.  Most of the water running down the hill is channeled through this area before leaving the property via […]

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   Jan 02

Sweet Swales

There is no sweeter sight than a swale on contour.  OK, there are probably lots of other sweeter sights, but still, it is a fine sight, especially after our initial efforts. Having the swales pegged out made it much easier for the excavator to take the right path across the hill, and the operator, armed […]

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   Dec 26

Chicken Feed

I think I mentioned I bought some chickens recently.  Of course we have had chickens before but they kept ending up dead.  From the last batch of three chickens there is only  one survivor – a tough old chick who has taken over the dog bed as her nest.  One egg a day wasn’t cutting […]

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   Dec 21

The Plan

In my last post I made reference to a water catchment plan based on Permaculture principals.  Today I want to explain in a little more detail of what we are intending to do to help transform our property from a ‘bush block’ to a permaculture based organic farm that will one day produce enough food […]

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   Dec 18

Earth Surgery Needed

Being a property on the side of a hill, and formerly having horses as tenants, our property has hard, stony, dry compacted earth.  For us to have any hope of growing anything other than natives we needed to perform some major earth surgery! With water catchment plan in had (designed by Craig Gallagher from the […]

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   Dec 11

The Greening of the desert II

The foundations and workings of the permaculture way that we are going to implement on our property can be visualised in this video “Greening of the Desert II“.  This video is about half and hour long and shows the process of permaculture on a desert property in Jordan.  The property was first developed with permaculture 10 […]

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   Dec 10


We have contracted the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia to draw up our entire property in a sustainable way. So the veggie garden that we thought we would build is now so much more. We are implementing swales, dams, and of course flora and fauna. In the next week we’ll post the plan that they have come […]

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