Dec 10


We have contracted the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia to draw up our entire property in a sustainable way.
So the veggie garden that we thought we would build is now so much more. We are implementing swales, dams, and of course flora and fauna.
In the next week we’ll post the plan that they have come up with.
In the mean time we are continuing with the re-building of the soil on the arena by covering the sand with cardboard (sourced from our local fruitier and our garbage) then layered with organic matter (leaves, Lucen) and worm castings. Finally a layer of newspaper and then wood chips, to help preven weed seeds imbeding into the soil.  See the following no dig garden sheet for more details on this process.

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  1. gregp says:

    Hi Guys.
    its great to see things are starting to progress. keep up the good work, make sure you keep up dating your photos so we can see the progress.
    Greg Plevey. Wormtec

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